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GardenGateA few years ago I created a web site using Front Page. When Microsoft discontinued it I looked around for an alternative, something similar to Front Page that was easy to use , but I couldn't find anything and as my knowledge of HTML wasn't great I gave my website up.
I did keep my domain name though, and recently I discovered (by accident ) that after discontinuing Front Page, Microsoft had brought out a new HTML editor called Expression Web. Some of it is similar to Front Page but there was a lot I didn't have a clue about. First of all I went to UKHost4U to see about some web space.  (Their support team are brilliant ). Then I searched the web  for help with Expression Web and found a brilliant tutorial with The Site Wizard ( see my links page ).
I still have lots to learn , but I'm sure over time and with practice I will become more familiar with the  programme
. So now I'm all set to give this web site creating another go.
When I created my old site I was lucky enough to find some amazing artists online who very kindly gave me permission to use some of their artwork /music.

Penny Parker is one of them and one of my favourites. In fact I bought some of her artwork from her on cd's. Some of which you will see throughout the site.
I have given credit to artists at the foot of each page where their artwork/music is displayed', and there will also be a link to their website on my links page  should you wish to take a look at some of their other work.


                 Please bear with me while this site is  still under construction









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